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1LT Patton a posted Jun 29, 13

1LT Patton a I have asked the OK multiple times if they would stand up and take my position if i would ever need to resign or step do...
James Fisher Meh... we're probably gonna do ACE now, chill the fuck out everyone
Frede / Jonathan Grilinwan Rhein, I'm just as pissed as you are, especially since not the entire fucking Oberkommando was told, sorry Hoffmann...

We at the 28. Jägerdivision strive for fidelity, exemplary behaviour, dedication and motivation, but first of all fun. We created our clan in the beginning of November 2012 and grew in number rapidly, starting with 3 and groing to an active count of 40 in less than 2 months. We were able to keep everything in order and have regular trainings with fresh content every week. But sadly our leader, Feldwebel Adolf Hoffmann, and his right hand, Unterfeldwebel Michael Rhein, had to resign their positions and give away the Division. The Division was disbanded shortly after that and was discontinued.

But Hope rose and Unteroffizier Strohm, by then a Stabsgefreiter, decided to take the task to revive the Clan from the dead. The most loyal, skilled and dedicated soldiers rejoined the clan and we're now able to continue this great Division.

We currently strive to combine fun and realism and bring it to a new level, where friends can meet, where the skill of each and everyone can get better, where people learn and teach new techniques to their fellow comrades. Only under those circumstances, we see ourselves as not the best, but one of the best Divisions in the whole Wehrmacht. 

If you wish to be part of this great Journey to victory, feel free to apply in the Recruitment section ahead of you.

Important News!

1LT Patton a posted May 30, 13
In my deepest regrets i have to inform you, my fellow comrades, that i will be inactive due to School and Military for about 2-3 Months. Until that Time, Leutnant Aaron von Austerlitz will be in charge of the Jägerregiment 49 and the new commissioned Unteroffiziere will be in charge of their respective Gruppen and Truppen. 

I expect to keep our high standards during my Leave of Absence. I also expect to see a highly dedicated and skilled Division once i come back, with new and old faces fighting together, like a band of brothers.

1LT Patton a Well, there isnt much you cant say against my LOA ^^
Frede / Jonathan Grilinwan Sieg. Rest of Oberkommando will ensure it goes smoothly while you are gone. Tl;Dr. LOA Granted?
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